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Montag, 1. Januar 2018

To 2017 - The Lovely Bitch it Was

Wind of change has been blowing hard for me this year, and I think it’s time to pause, reflect, and show gratitude. You have no idea of how grateful I really am. Not only for what I achieved, but also for the lessons learned. Even though some I learned the hard way.

Because 2017 really was a bitch somehow, painful and glorious at the same time. And thus, showed me that no matter what I have been through in life, I am still here now. I may have been challenged, hurt or discouraged (and there have been way worse years), but nothing has defeated me so far.

There have been dizzying ups and downs, emotionally, financially and even physically. I learned that I’m way more persevering than I thought. I learned the importance of having faith in myself and in life. Having faith that things actually can turn out just the way I want them to. I learned the importance of making decisions, not letting life happen nor letting emotions take them for me (not that I’m any better at deciding though and I’m as emotional as ever). I learned that in order to make decisions and to move forward, it’s crucial to know exactly what I want from life. And that apparently, I know best what I want after meditating at the beach. I learned that fear can actually guide you. Because in order to fly you need to dare to jump. Oh, and I jumped, baby! Most importantly and painfully, I learned the importance of letting go. Letting go of people, old habits, and hopes. And that letting go always involves forgiving – may it be someone, oneself, a situation or all 3 of them.


The best part of 2017 definitely is that I managed to start my own business. I came to Playa del Carmen with an idea in mind, and I finally had the guts to take a leap and make my dream come true. It’s such an exciting path I’m walking on!

For one part, it sure is thanks to my perseveration, creativity, enthusiasm, and working really hard (seriously, I’m the one most surprised about that I’m actually not lazy). But there are also so many people who helped me getting there. Thank you to everybody who believed in me. A huge thank you to some special people whose path crossed mine only recently. You sure are sent by heaven (or so). Thank you for allowing me certain opportunities, and so creating the setting that allowed me a jump start. Thank you to my best friends who are my biggest inspiration in life (next to my mom). Thank you for being patient enough to listen to me crying over the same stupid things (person) again and again (I’m sorry. Seriously.), who always have good advice, who provide me with Swiss chocolate (aka. Edible happiness) and, most importantly, a shoulder to lean on. A shoulder that reaches even across the Atlantic. You are so special to me! Thank you for caring, thank you for your brutal honesty, for your unbelievable patience, for cheering me up, and for holding my feet on the ground. You are the fundaments of my life. I care so much about you and love you so much!

There are also some people who would have loved to see me fail, and, in all honesty, I am so grateful to have met each and every one of you bastards too (even though you’ll probably never read this but who cares). Yes, some of you made my life hell for a while – but honestly, only because I allowed you to. Fortunately, my visions don’t reside in your narrow minds and I didn’t surrender my dreams to your limitations. You know, what you really did was teaching me some of the most valuable lessons: That the most important person I need to believe in me is myself. And that in order to grow and be creative I need to lose my fear of being wrong or to fail. Because even wrong choices can bring us to the right places. Thank you for that! Also, let’s not forget that deep in my heart I really am a stubborn rebel, and the more you wanted to see me fail, the more I fought to make my dreams come true. You were my gasoline and probably who encouraged me most. Thank you for that too. And as the cherry on top, it felt really good to prove you all wrong.

I close 2017 genuinely happy and satisfied. And for the first time, with new year’s resolutions! Concerning my professional life and my attitude mostly. Since keeping latter positive is fundamental to reach anything in life (and we all know I’m a passionate cynic and my real mother tongue isn’t German but sarcasm).

May 2018 bear the fruits of what I achieved so far. I’m excited, and a bit fearful of the lessons and blessings this new year has for me. May 2018 bring all of you lots of blessings, satisfaction, love, pure good vibrations, positive account balance (after the shopping), awesome sex, lots and lots of happy moments and, in case you haven’t yet, may it be the year you reach your goals and dreams!

Again, thank you to each and every one I’ve met since I arrived in Playa del Carmen, and, thank you to my friends who stand by me even though I moved to the other side of the world. What an adventure this life is!